Optimizing Your PCs Performance

Computers are everywhere in all households and businesses. Computers were made for our convenience, but eventually this machine still will die on us. When we encounter issues with our computer, there are symptoms in their performance, it slow down, however we can fix computer problems by choosing 1 of the 2 common fixes. The first fix is getting our computer in the repair shop, and the second one is buying a new computer. So what can we do maintain our computer’s performance and save up money instead?

A computer works like a brain, when there’s too much information stored in it, it breaks down. Now every time we use a computer, there are instances that registry errors occur. This error happens when you get a malware, when you download a program, or even when you remove a program. Some registry data get stuck even after you remove that file or program from your computer, which causes the performance of your computer to bug down. When you update a program, there are also instances that the registry doubles, which causes your computer to still bug down.

A registry keeps your computer moving. This is responsible for the computer’s functionalities.

Now we have 2 sides of this story. If you’re a technical person, you wouldn’t really want to fix your computer by installing registry cleaners. If you’re technical enough to troubleshoot the problem, you first consider diagnosing what is causing it. Usually you can pin point other programs on your computer that might be bugging your pc down. Hence, technical people don’t recommend registry cleaners because they know how to fix the problem without using these types of software.

The other side of the story would be for average users. The basic knowledge about the computer is used by these people. However, they usually resort in downloading registry cleaners, anti-virus software, anti-malware and some other software because they think these can help a computer’s performance. And yes, these software can fix bugs and can help guard your computer from getting viruses and spywares.

If you’re not a computer geek at all, you wouldn’t really know how you can fix your computer when it breaks down on you. Hence, it’s better to download a registry cleaner to maintain your computer’s quality.

However, it is true that registry cleaners can harm your computer when the problem is complex. One scenario would be having 2 anti-viruses on a computer, which means the computer will slow down. Now if you’re a normal computer user, you might install a registry cleaner to make your computer faster. And if this happens, the problem might get worse. On the other hand, if you are a computer guru, installing a registry would not be something you’ll be thinking of. You tend to diagnose the problem, which means you’ll uninstall one of the anti-viruses on your computer as a solution.

Therefore, registry cleaners can help optimize your pc’s performance as long as you use them or run them at the right time. If you don’t know when to use them, contact your computer manufacturer for help.

Virus Mimics Shared Drive and All Files Open with Excel

This is for an environment I worked in with PCs running XP and a server running Server 2003 Standard R2.

This week I had a client call and say he had a virus that created files on a network share called $ex.exe and p0rn.exe and that all the files on his computer were trying to open in Excel. I figured it would be your average repair where I run Combofix and Malwarebytes and we are good to go. I logged in remotely to the server that evening (I was scheduled to go in the next morning) and found the network share that was getting files copied. I noticed a few things:

  1. The files above that he told me he saw
  2. The virus had created a copy of the files in that drive and added ‘.exe’ to the end. (i.e. the file MyDocument.docx had a copy of MyDocument.docx.exe which was a virus)
  3. When I deleted those files, they were immediately put back on.

This told me the virus was fairly smart and was putting those files on the server because it saw the share.  I stopped sharing that file to keep the server safe.  I went in the next morning and found the infected computer still opening all executable applications in Excel.  An oddity I found was that when you went to \\server on all computers, it only showed a “Shares” folder, which I quit sharing last night, and it was empty. The “Shares” folder on the server was not shared, and had plenty of files.  So I knew I wasn’t seeing the Actual server, but when I pinged the server, I got the correct IP address.

I then rebooted the infected PC into safe mode with Command Prompt and ran System Restore.  For those who do not know how to do that, you navigate to “C:\Windows\System32\Restore” then you type in rstrui and hit Enter.  Unfortunately, the System Restore didn’t fix the networking issue.  So here are the steps it took to remove the virus and fix the networking issue as well as the Excel Issue.

  1. Get a fresh copy of Combofix  on a flash drive and boot into safe mode (press the F8 button as the computer is starting up).  Make sure you are going into Safe Mode and not “Safe Mode with Networking”.
  2. Run Combofix according to the instructions on their website and let it delete files. Stay close in the case it reboots the computer. Make sure you go back into Safe Mode.
  3. Once it is finished running and deleting files, reboot and this time go into Safe Mode with Networking.  Download, install and run Malwarebytes (I ran just a quick scan).  Once it is finished delete the issues it find according to Malwarebytes’ instructions.
  4. At this point, the virus should be clean.  You can double check the logs by using a program such as Hijackthis.  If you are inexperienced, take the time and put each of the files that are listed in Hijackthis into Google on another computer to verify their legitimacy.
  5. The last thing we need to fix is the Excel issue.  There are some REG fixes (I tried it but it didn’t work, but here is the link) Registry fixes can sometime do more harm than good, so make sure you have your data backed up, and proceed with this step at your own risk.
  6. The way I fixed Excel was to go to Start > Control Panel > Folder Options.  Then click the File Types button under the “Folder Options” tab. If you scroll down the list, exe was not listed.  So I created a NEW extension as EXE and as an APPLICATION under “Associated File Types”. When you click OK, you will see it listed as an excel.
  7. Select the EXE file association and click “Change”. On the next screen click “Set Default”. Now you can ‘OK’ your way out and reboot the PC.  Reboot all other pcs and the server.
  8. Once everything comes back up, double check to make sure the other PCs are not seeing the fake shared folder any longer. At this point I re-shared the server folder that was being infected and monitored it for a few minutes to make sure it didn’t come back.

Hopefully this helps someone as I couldn’t find an exact write-up when I encountered the issue!

New Folder Virus Removal – The Guaranteed Solution

You have no chance to pass ahead of Autorun usb. It is useless to delete files which are created by unsuccessful new folder virus removal manually. New folder exe virus developes a great amount of files on your system with the names of real folders you have. A great joker was only able to produce Folders exe. As soon as you Attempt to erase a file created by new folder virus removal it creates the same new file which has a real folder name.

New folder virus removal seems to be such obtrusive and ineradicable similar to a flea. It is a sad fact that many people don’t know how to defend themselves from new folder virus removal till now. You can be easily infected by new folder virus removal if you treat your flash drive. New folder virus removal usually travels around the world by thumb drives. If you want to edit features blocked by new folder virus removal with the help of regedit, those features will be blocked again shortly.

New folder virus removal creates a lot of unnecessary files, blocks Folder’s Properties and even denies an access to Task Manager. Some attempts to relieve new folder virus removal question manually can bring you to unfavorable result. You have to remember anti virus and anti spyware cannot find all real malware. It is not an easy treatment for new folder virus removal. From the moment you got to know that new folder virus removal came into your advances list and was launched, never open you drives and directories with double-click, treat right-click instead.

New folder virus removal is a cause of headache of many people all over the world. If you are not enough experienced user you’d better have no touch to Regedit. If you decided to fight with new folder virus removal by yourself be confident its main process was terminated. To ensure your system safety you should turn off CD/Removable Drivers Autorun option in your Windows. Now when there is no active copy of new folder virus removal in your computer memory, run by removing all its instances from hard drive, one by one.

Always backup your registry before making serious changes to your Windows. Please remember that erasing new folder virus removal copies manually can spend much of your time. Unfortunately, an individual assist takes quite a lot of time and our support team can’t answer to every user and aid. Newfolder Fix Wizard was produced to fix your question with new folder virus removal easily and quickly. A lot of users suffer from new folder virus removal and ask us for facilitate.

Our team accumulated a great experience of killing new folder virus removal and resolved to produce a universal treatment. Today it isn’t surprising if a usual company which treats a corporate network has new folder virus removal. On the contrary you can use Newfolder Fix Wizard once and forget about new folder virus removal forever. You can not pay attention to new folder virus removal but the situation will only become worse with every passing day. Don’t bother about new folder virus removal – Newfolder Fix Wizard solves all matters instead of you.

Do you want to suffer from new folder virus removal or you want to cope with new folder virus removal once for all? If you choose Newfolder Fix Wizard it will become a wonderful opportunity to cure your entire network!In any case, if you paid for treatment and your new folder virus removal problem is not solved yet, we’ll return you every cent you spent. Our Ironclad Moneyback guarantee ensures that you receive a complete and working cure for new folder virus removal.

How to Fix Computers With Windows XP Slow Startup?

Most of the times we notice that the computer is working slow, the speed with which it used it work when it was purchased, is no more there in the system. The computer takes years to boot the Windows XP startup. So the question that arises into the minds is that how to can I speed up my computer and to get rid of Windows XP slow startup. To tell you there are ways so do not get disheartened. And the answer to that problem is the registry repair software. Read on the article and know how and why the problem arises in the first place.

The main causes of the Windows XP slow startup:

You might not know this but Windows XP registry is a very crucial part of your computer. Basically it contains the information to run each and every program that is there on the CPU. And thus it also includes the programs that run on the startup. The programs we thought that we have deleted or have uninstalled from the system, actually do not get removed totally, there are the registry entries of those too, thus when we start are computer, we are also starting up the programs that do not exist there anymore. This becomes the main reason for the slowing down of the pc. Also we must know that there are programs that are not needed that run during the startup, thus then they also become the reason for the windows XP slow startup. The sluggishness basically is because it is eating up the RAM that could have been free to use elsewhere.

The right solution:

Thus finally you think that you need now to clean up this registry of the windows XP and thus for this you need an expert because it is not the work that can be handled by you. This work is of an expert, the person who is as novice as you can cause severe damage to the system that can very easily be solved without much fuss.

The nasty errors that occur if handled by you can even blow up your system; hence you need the expert, the Registry RepairSoftware for Windows XP slow startup of your computer. This is the one software that will scan the computer, and remove the sluggishness that you are facing. So do not wait anymore get you this great help and fix your Windows XP slow startup. Don’t believe me then check out for yourself:

How to Fix Computers by Hiring the Right Repair Company

Each modern individual and business wants to avail the how to fix computers services from a reputed and experienced company. As most of the computers require periodic maintenance and repair services to function smoothly, some companies even prefer to hire dedicated computer repair professional for their business. But the small and medium scale enterprises and individuals cannot afford to hire a full time computer technician. You can always evaluate the available computer repair companies to select the right and reliable technicians to fix your computer related problems.

  1. When you are selecting the computer repair companies, you need to consider the type and nature of maintenance required for your devices. If you are having multiple computers, you may frequently require the how to fix computers tips. You can select and hire a local computer repair professional or company, who can maintain and repair the computers without causing any delay or interruption in work.
  2. It is also very much important to check the experience or expertise of the professional to fix the computer related problems within a very short span of time. When a company or technician is offering computer repair services over a consecutive period of time, he must have gained better knowledge to identify the exact nature of the computer repair and implement the right technique to make your device work. In addition to the experience, you can even prefer to hire the candidates possessing relevant professional certifications.
  3. A professional can offer the right ‘how to fix computers’ service when he understands the exact requirements of your business. There are many computer repair companies providing services for specific models and computer problems. So you need to evaluate the expertise of the technician to provide the exact type of repair and maintenance service required by your computers.
  4. You can even use the reference and feedback of your friends, relatives and colleagues. These people must have availed the services of local computer repair companies and technicians to solve their computer related problems. It is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to find and avail the professional services of a reliable technician.

How to Fix Computers the Affordable Way

Most of the users find it daunting to decide how to fix computers in an affordable and cost-effective way. When you are exploring the available cheaper repairing options, you should not forget the quality of maintenance and repair services offered by the computer repair company. You also need to consider the insurance coverage, post repair warrantee and amount of time required to completely fix the computer problems. However, you can always consider a number of simple sources to get your computer fixed in a qualitative and affordable way.

  1. One of the simplest ways of finding a reliable repairing service provider having reasonable charges is by searching within your local community. There are a number of people who know how to fix computers and offer their services as a part-time or side business. You can browse through the community bulletins and local classified ads to find such professionals and get the computer fixed in an inexpensive and affordable way.
  2. The store from which you originally purchased the machine might be providing computer maintenance and repair services. As the store has sold the computer, it might fix some minor computer issue without charging any fees or by charging fees of comparatively lower amount. If the store has offered any warranty or any time-bound maintenance program, you can avail the same to save money on fixing the computer.
  3. Most of the computer manufacturers offer online or telephonic assistance on how to fix computers. You can always consider making a call to the manufacturer to check the available solution to fix your computer. You cannot expect to get the repair services for free, but you can still avail the help to save some amount of computer repair fees.
  4. If you are not sure about the cheapest source to get your computer fixed, you can always browse the internet to check the amount of fees charged by various computer repair companies and compare the fees with the quality of repair services. Once you list down a number of companies, you can avail the services of the company charging lowest amount of repair fees to fix your computer.

How to Fix Computers Achieving Complete Data Recovery

Most of the computer owners want to know how to fix computers with complete data recovery features. Sometimes computer related problems result in unintentional and sudden deletion of the information and data stored on computers. If you are keeping at least one backup copy of the vital personal or professional information, the data can be recovered in a simple and effective manner. But if proper backup is not maintained for the vital data, you have to avail some of the commonly used data recovery techniques.

  1. Many computer technicians suggest computer owners to recover data from the data shadows of their hard drives. When the information is stored on the hard disc, data shadows are generated to keep the backup of the original files. However, the data shadow may not carry the complete amount of data and you can recover only some part of the actual volume of stored data.
  2. When there is a system crash or hard drive failure, you have to identify the exact reason behind the computer problem to prevent any sudden loss of information and data. The hard drive failure can occur due to a number of reasons and you need to explore the how to fix computers options based on the exact nature of the system crash. You can start recovering the data after identifying the exact cause for the computer problem.
  3. After identifying the exact reason of the system crash, you can further try to reformat the hard drive. You can start the data recovery process after completing the formation. But you must undertake specific tests to initiate the date restoration. These tests will help in detecting the physical condition of the system and ensuring that the system is performing in an exact manner.
  4. In addition to the manual data recovery techniques, you can further use specialized data recovery software to restore the stored data. The software also restores the lost data in much more effective and efficient manner. However, you need to understand the exact method of how to fix computers by understanding the instructions and error messages shown during the recovery process.

How to fix computers and recover lost data

Every user wants to understand various aspects of how to fix computers without losing any valuable information and data, stored on the devices. Some of the computer related problems like system crash, file system error, and hard drive failure always cause accidental and unintentional deletion of your personal and work related data. As you can never predict the nature and timing of the computer repair, it is always advisable to follow some simple points to prevent any type of data loss.

  1. If a computer user maintains backup of the original data, he can easily recover vital information without availing any expensive and time-consuming recovery technique. It is always advisable to backup and maintain at least one copy of the original information in some other format of disc media. When you make it a practice to take regular backup of the relevant information and data, you can easily master how to fix computers in a more effective way.
  2. Sometimes your computer may be attacked by the malicious computer viruses and Trojans. These attacks may lead to some amount of data deletion and computer crash. If you are accessing internet on the computer, there are high chances of virus spread. So you are required to install an effective anti-virus software and firewall to avoid computer related problems and data loss.
  3. You can further consider a number of measures to make it easier to recover data if you have to keep proper backups. Before storing information on your PC, you must partition a single drive into multiple programs and data zones. The data partition will make it easier to recover the deleted data during future computer crashes and complete disc failures.
  4. While exploring the options on how to fix computers without losing any important information or data, you can further consider adopting the NTFS file system volume instead of FAT32 file system. The former will offer you a higher level of flexibility related to the length of filenames and directory and various security related controls. These options will enhance the chances of data recovery in case of disc corruption.

How to Fix Computers Problems Related to Sound

Most of the computer users start looking for how to fix computers tips when their PCs suddenly stop making sound. The sound related computer problems are relatively simpler and can be fixed without availing the assistance of a computer repair technician. Sometimes a silly action like keeping the sound volume on mute may cause the computer to stop making sounds. You can easily identify and fix such simple sound related issues through a number of checks and mouse clicks.

  1. When you switch on the computer and discover the absence of sound, you need to check whether you have muted the computer volume. Look at the speaker like icon appearing on the taskbar and un-mute the computer if you see the icon crossed. You can further check the status of the attached speakers and turn the speakers on to solve the sound related issue.
  2. If the problem is not resolved through the first option, you need to explore further how to fix computers options by checking whether the sound card is listed or not. Go to the Start->Control Panel-> System and Maintenance-> Device Manager. If you see any prompted message, provide the required confirmation. Expand the list by clicking on the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers and install the sound card based on your requirements.
  3. You also need to check the exclamation mark displayed next to the name of your sound card. If you can see a yellow question mark, right-click on the sound card and select the properties option from the general tab. Refer to the mentioned instructions to repair the sound card and enable your PC to make sound.
  4. Sometimes you have to explore the how to fix computers tips, if you have not plugged the speakers in a correct and required way and through the correct jack. If you are using a USB device, you have to plug the same into the USB ports of your computer. Similarly, the jack placed at the back of your computer needs to be used when you are using the 1/8 inch cable to connect the speaker.
  • While exploring the available options on how to fix computers, you can always consider using the assistance offered by the reliable websites if the issue …
  • Each modern individual and business wants to avail the how to fix computers services from a reputed and experienced company. As most of the computers …
  • Most of the computer users are not familiar with the concept of how to fix computers on their own. Whenever they run into a computer …
  • Most of the time the computer virus creates panic among the users and force them to explore the quick how to fix computers tips. You …
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How to Fix Computers Using Online Technical Support

While exploring the available options on how to fix computers, you can always consider using the assistance offered by the reliable websites if the issue seems to be too difficult on your own. Some of these computer repair websites are launched by the computer manufacturers, whereas others are designed with an intention to offer free computer help tips. If you are able to boot up the PC and connect to the internet, you can avail the tips offered by these online portals to fix your machine in a convenient, easy and time-saving manner.

  1. A user can find a number of computer websites offering assistance to fix various types of computer related problems. Some of the websites also provide access to the computer through specialized remote control assistance software. You can collect and use the online tips on how to fix computers to fix issues relating to system restore, upgradation of hard drive and graphic cards, and operating system.
  2. Some websites even provide users with registry cleaner software to fix slow computer problem simply with a few mouse clicks. You can even activate the repair software to execute automatic system maintenance on a regular basis. The action will further help in increasing the computer speed along with fixing problems related to operating system, memory management and system performance.
  3. If your computer is facing any type of problem related to malicious software and spyware, you can access the online assistance to completely remove these threats to the device. The website will automatically identify the malicious software and spyware and remove these to make the system perform in a smooth way.
  4. You can even use the how to fix computers tips offered by the website through remote assistance software. When you allow the website to access and control your computer from a remote location, the software will repair the computer from some other part of the globe. The software can transfer the required files and resolve the technical issues to boost system performance and speed.